Meetings are better at Mohegan Sun

Taking steps to keep your attendees focused, comfortable and stress-free

We take air quality very seriously

Mohegan Sun is committed to ensuring clean air for all of our guests and only allows smoking in designated areas. Mohegan Sun utilizes technology that goes above industry standards to capture smoke particles not captured by conventional air filters, 1.5 Million cubic feet per minute of fresh outside air is being filtered in with the use of over 300 different air handlers across the property with approximately 12,000 filters being replaced every 120 days. In addition to this technology Mohegan Sun also uses a third party Industrial Hygienist to test air quality twice a year in 20 different locations across the property.

Gaming is an amenity not a distraction

Our guest rooms, lobbies and two convention centers are all accessible without stepping foot on the gaming floor. The most convenient routes to and from the meeting rooms and convention centers do not go onto the gaming floor and allow for a distraction free meeting experience. Mohegan Sun offers a veriety of entertainment options for attendees in their free time. The gaming floor is just one of the many entertainment options where attendees can network face-to-face and maximize their return on experience (ROE).