Mohegan Sun - A Sustainable Event & Entertainment Complex

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The Mohegan Tribe recognizes that survival and well-being depend directly and indirectly on the natural environment, and that sustainability means to create and maintain the conditions under which humans and nature co-exist in productive harmony to support present and future generations. Therefore, we acknowledge a responsibility to the environment and commit to implementing practices which promote environmental sustainability with a specific focus on energy conservation to reduce our carbon footprint, conservation of resources through water use and source reduction, re-use, recycling and reduction in waste.

The tribe also consistently strives to raise awareness within the community, including the encouragement of employee participation and training employees in environmental principles. We will continue our commitment to the State of Connecticut Green Lodging certification for our hotel. We have well developed principles for reducing, recycling and reusing to lessen the environmental impact by striving to purchase environmentally friendly products and services through our supply chain and utilize sustainable vendor practices. We also regularly review our business practices to determine whether each practice is suitable in an environmental context and audit our practices to determine whether our goals have been reached. Additionally, we engage our stakeholders to become more ambitious in their sustainability efforts and will continue to work together to share best practices to ensure the greatest environmental, economic and social impact.

Energy Saving Efforts

  • We utilize T8 fluorescent or LED energy-efficient bulbs and fixtures instead of high-intensity discharge lighting.
  • Temperature sensors in our hotel rooms allow for the temperature to float when the room is not occupied.
  • Motion sensors control lighting in unoccupied spaces.
  • Our property utilizes cooling towers for chilled water reducing energy consumption.
  • Multiple complimentary electric vehicle charging stations are available for both guest and team member use.

Water Conservation

  • Our hotel rooms conserve water by utilizing low-flow showerheads and toilets.
  • We recycle 100% of water used.
  • Our hotels offer water-saving linen programs to guests during their stay.

Waste Management

  • Our hotel rooms offer digital newspapers and magazines instead of traditional paper.
  • Used fry oil from kitchens is recycled into bio-fuel.
  • All recyclables, construction debris and food scraps are fully recycled.


  • The Mohegan Tribe purchased and owns land in Costa Rica to offset carbon dioxide emissions in the form of sequestration. The land has been planted with native trees that trap carbon dioxide quickly and efficiently. It is also interspersed with fruit and berry trees to provide food to wildlife.

Clean the World & Green Cleaning Programs

Both the Sky and Earth hotel towers participate in the Clean the World Program, where used soaps, shampoos and body lotions are collected from guest rooms after check-out and shipped in one-ton boxes by UPS to a processing facility in Florida. Once repackaged, these products are sent to communities in third world countries, where they can help combat diseases from common pathogens through the increased use of hand soaps and body washing shampoos. Mohegan Sun is proud to join many of the world’s top hotel chains by partnering with this important organization.

Mohegan Sun also practices "green cleaning", which is cleaning for health without harming the environment. Some of the efforts include the use of eco-friendly products such as laundry detergents, Green Seal certified chemicals and HEPA filtration systems. This effort also focuses on a new cleaning technology that uses electrolysis to generate a disinfectant and a cleaning solution that is ecologically better than traditional cleaning supplies and can be made on site.

Additional Recycling Efforts

Mohegan Sun segregates our recycling from regular trash in separate collection dumpsters or by single stream recycling at Earth Tower, Expo Center, Government and Community Center. Additionally, Mohegan Sun recycles universal waste such as spent bulbs, spent batteries, mercury devices as well as electronic waste at facilities specialized to accept them. Construction debris from all projects are also recycled from start to finish. We have also ensured leftover food from banquets and employee parties is not wasted. Since we opened in 1996, Mohegan Sun has been donating to local pig farms to help supply a healthier alternative food source for the livestock.

Additional Sustainability Info