Bubbleville NCAA Basketball

10 days, 25 college basketball teams, and over 2,800 tests.

Bubbleville was a 10-day event, played in a bubble at Mohegan Sun, with a game schedule that continually evolved and adapted with COVID-19 in mind. In the end, 26 games were safely played in large part thanks to Mirimus and Hartford HealthCare. 2,800 tests were administered among 1,075 people including event staff, players, coaches, support staff and court side media on-site.
“You feel safe, you know you can get a game in here and you know the team you’re playing is going to be safe. I think that’s going to be important throughout this year to find environments like this.”
- Villanova Head Coach, Jay Wright

Precautions Taken

  • Special Designated private arrival location
  • Temperature scans upon arrival
  • Movement between hotel rooms, arena, and meeting rooms through back of house service areas and elevators
  • Specially prepared meals to go for teams in quarantine awaiting test results
  • Designated guestroom floors separated from regular hotel guests with security on each floor
  • Server attended buffet meals
  • Consistent Testing facilitated by a Covid Testing Compliance Officer.